Say It Aloud

Ever since its creation in 2014, Say It Aloud has pursued a main goal: Giving voice to students and allowing them to speak. Beyond simple academic skills, public speaking and debating are required for any citizen who wants to take part in democratic life. However, who can boast having been born a fine speaker? Even the best speakers have had to learn.

To give a voice to students, our association is built on two main activities. First, Say It Aloud organises between three and four conferences a year. This year, we organised our first French speaking conference about new methods in education. We also welcomed members of the Gawad Kalinga association, based in the Philippines, to a roundtable on social economics, this time in English. Because of the news surrounding Bitcoin, we wanted to deal with the topic for our last conference of the year, and thus invited two experts on the subject, attracting many students to the event. Each conference allowed TSE students to discover new subjects or improve their knowledge on an issue.

In addition to this, Say It Aloud also offers a weekly public speaking workshop any student can take part in. During those sessions, students can improve their public speaking and debating skills, and learn how to manage stress. Many people are likely to be afraid of speaking in front of a large audience, and the objective of Say It Aloud is to allow students to take the plunge. To facilitate this, the workshops are run by members of the association in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. For the most motivated students, these training sessions can then be put into practice with team debate competition against other universities. These matches are perfect opportunities to meet other associations like ours!

This year, many projects are scheduled, and we will need people to carry them out! Our association has been created by a group of friends and we want to keep this spirit all along the evolution of Say It Aloud. Taking part in associative life should be a personal choice, allowing you to blossom and to feel good. Our philosophy is that everyone is free to participate at their own pace – total devotion is not required – as you must take pleasure in what you do. Whatever your mother tongue is, and whether you are interested in only part of our activities or you want to be fully engaged, you will always be welcome at Say It Aloud!

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