TSE Careers

The TSE Careers team prepares students for their future careers by offering guidance and support in career development, as well as helping students to learn, grow, and build skills in a challenging job market.

During the first semester, the TSE Careers team set up the “Professional Development” course for first and second year Master students, and organised the successful Business Networking Day, which welcomed more than 54 companies.

For the second semester, the TSE Careers team encourages students to start looking for their internship as soon as possible. Students can visit TSE Careers Facebook Group Page for full information and tips for your internship search. Moreover, you can consult the TSE Alumni website for all the internship/job offers that companies are posting everyday, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to find the perfect internship or job. The Careers team is also available to meet and advise students: send an email to careers@tse-fr.eu or drop by the office MA005 to ask for an appointment. Do not leave it to the last minute!

Lastly, the school is strongly committed to giving students the opportunity to meet business economists and researchers from diverse sectors, which allows them to broaden their economic and statistical background. Throughout the academic year, TSE Careers does this by organising special lectures by professionals, “Business Talks”, and by researchers, “Academic Talks”, and also supporting the TSEconomist’s annual “Public Lecture” that brings renowned speakers to share their experience with students.

Consult the TSE Alumni website for the full calendar!

  • 17.01.2019

Business Talk: Engie – Chief Analyst

  • 24.01.2019

Academic Talk: IAST Program Director

  • 31.01.2019

Business Talk: Google

  • TSEconomist Public Lecture (February or March )
  • 14.03.2019

Business Talk: Accenture – Principal Director Strategy

  • 21.03.2019

Business Talk: Analysis Group Inc – President

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