December 2014

Issue #8
Why Economic History? – An overview and example from the Middle East
PhD Exchange – Damian Tago
Enter Network in Mannheim
The Eurozone Banking Union: a 55 Billion Euro bet
How does mafia affect the Italian economy? A brief introduction
Scientific Consensus on Climate Change
Spotlight on Armin Falk – The Gretchen- Question
Interview with William Hogan
Interview with Dani Rodrik
Noble Corner – Jean Triole – Contributions by Josh Lerner, Patrick Rey, Jean Charles Rochet, Alessandro Pavan, E. Glen Weyl, Emmanuel Farhi, Sergei Kovbasyuk, Eric Mengus
Noble Corner – Jean Triole – Contributions by Eric Maskin, Bengt Holmstrom, Paul Joskow, Drew Fundenberg
Noble Corner – Jean Tirole – Contributions by Jacques Crémer
Interview with Joseph Stiglitz
Einstein’s Principle of Relativity
Cinema under a different light