The disappearance of sand

For most of us sand recalls the beach, holidays, and the sun but that is about it. In our daily lives, we do not pay much attention to this insignificant matter. But is sand really that common? Is it in infinite quantity and will it always be faithful to our holiday appointments? And beyond the … Continue reading The disappearance of sand

Remember remember

Monarch butterflies travel over 3 000 miles from Canada to Mexico each year. It takes three generations to make the full trip, and no single butterfly ever makes the return journey. How do they reach the same spot each year? By instinct? Is this an example of genetic memory passed down from parent to offspring? … Continue reading Remember remember

AI: How are companies preparing?

The article "Why Are We Paying Different Prices? Hint: Artificial Intelligence is Learning What You’re Willing to Pay" published on LinkedIn by Ted Gaubert, discusses how the progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI) pricing engines are allowing them to influence the functioning of markets. AI is defined as the ability of machines to mimic human behaviour … Continue reading AI: How are companies preparing?

Living in Catalonia

Barcelona is a wonderful economic capital, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain Tibidabo. The thousand facets of mosaic that decorate its most famous buildings reflect it perfectly, as it crystallises diversity, warmth, and beauty – the reasons why this city imposed itself as an evidence for me to carry out my Erasmus year. … Continue reading Living in Catalonia

Always greener

Can money buy happiness? The urban dictionary defines greed as “the root of all evil”, but maybe greed is nothing more than the pursuit of happiness and does not merit such a bad reputation. Then again, perhaps the things that money can't buy are what truly lead to happiness. To put it more eloquently, Douglas … Continue reading Always greener