Incentives in an online Q&A community

Imagine some student from around the world contacts you to get information about TSE programs. She is looking to apply for a Master in Economics, but the website is not fully informative (they have clearly no incentives to provide the cons). Are you going to reply? If so, how long will your message be? Would … Continue reading Incentives in an online Q&A community

Living in Catalonia

Barcelona is a wonderful economic capital, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain Tibidabo. The thousand facets of mosaic that decorate its most famous buildings reflect it perfectly, as it crystallises diversity, warmth, and beauty – the reasons why this city imposed itself as an evidence for me to carry out my Erasmus year. … Continue reading Living in Catalonia

Always greener

Can money buy happiness? The urban dictionary defines greed as “the root of all evil”, but maybe greed is nothing more than the pursuit of happiness and does not merit such a bad reputation. Then again, perhaps the things that money can't buy are what truly lead to happiness. To put it more eloquently, Douglas … Continue reading Always greener

Marijuana Industry

Weed lover’s Paradise, entrepreneurs profit spree, the marijuana industry has most everyone seeing green. By the first semester of 2018 recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada. Besides being a weed lover’s paradise, it represents a huge investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors. According to cannabis research firm ArcView, legal marijuana sales in North America … Continue reading Marijuana Industry

Internship report: Theodore Berut, European Commission

1.Where did you do your internship and what was your role? From May to September 2017, I was a trainee at the Directorate General (DG) for Competition of the European Commission. Based in Brussels, the DG is in charge of implementing competition policy for the European Union, mostly through the analysis of State Aid and … Continue reading Internship report: Theodore Berut, European Commission