AI: How are companies preparing?

The article "Why Are We Paying Different Prices? Hint: Artificial Intelligence is Learning What You’re Willing to Pay" published on LinkedIn by Ted Gaubert, discusses how the progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI) pricing engines are allowing them to influence the functioning of markets. AI is defined as the ability of machines to mimic human behaviour … Continue reading AI: How are companies preparing?

Intelligent Infrastructure: The Future of AI

“It is not enough to build an AI [Artificial Intelligence] system that makes a robot work across the screen, do computer vision problem or beat someone in chess contest. We have to work on these things like good engineers do, to solve problems,”  Michael I. Jordan (Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at University of … Continue reading Intelligent Infrastructure: The Future of AI

On big data, machine learning, and econometrics

According to an analysis by The Economist on keywords in working-paper abstracts by the National Bureau of Economic Research, big data and machine learning have become the latest fad among economists. As with previous fads in the field, there is that inherent risk that comes with the initial hype, where practitioners first implement the new … Continue reading On big data, machine learning, and econometrics