History of TSE: the origins

During the spring of 1978, a young researcher fresh from a Harvard PhD had the idea to create a high-level centre of economic research in his hometown, Toulouse. His name was Jean-Jacques Laffont. In 1979, he returned to Toulouse and laid the foundations for what would become the Toulouse School of Economics. “Toulouse is my … Continue reading History of TSE: the origins

Exchange or gap year: a year to live new experiences

As higher education becomes increasingly prevalent in our digital age, obtaining a master's degree is becoming almost ubiquitous. This has led students to stay in the same location for an extended period of time—sometimes in the city in which they grew up. This may lead to a narrowness of mind arising from the lack of … Continue reading Exchange or gap year: a year to live new experiences

Behavioural Note

This year TSE Behavioural Team is going from strength to strength, with the team working on four different projects in the first semester alone. We have also officially registered as a student association, securing our long term future as well as growing from five members to almost 20. We are constantly on the look-out for … Continue reading Behavioural Note