Brexit – The State Of The Art

On the 14th of March 2018, the debate “Brexit – What’s next?“ took a glance at the current state of affairs around the opaque Brexit topic. For the economics expertise, Professor Paul Seabright from the TSE and IAST, and Professor Louise Curran from the TBS were present. For the policy and legal perspective Pieter Cleppe, … Continue reading Brexit – The State Of The Art

Politics & Policy

We are delighted to present our first ever article exchange with another publication: Politics & Policy from Northwestern University. It was founded on August 1st 2010 by four students wanting to raise the tone of political debate on their campus, by creating a non-partisan platform where politically minded students could publish rigourous and academically informed … Continue reading Politics & Policy

Living in Catalonia

Barcelona is a wonderful economic capital, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain Tibidabo. The thousand facets of mosaic that decorate its most famous buildings reflect it perfectly, as it crystallises diversity, warmth, and beauty – the reasons why this city imposed itself as an evidence for me to carry out my Erasmus year. … Continue reading Living in Catalonia

Merkel Ceteris Paribus? 

Whereas the international media considered the German election boring and prearranged, the outcome in fact contained dramatic results. At first sight, nothing much changed: Chancellor Angela Merkel will stay in office and appears to be a constant in German politics. The person Merkel seems to matter whereas the other parties appear to be negligible variables … Continue reading Merkel Ceteris Paribus? 

The Catalonian Referendum and the Struggle of Democracy

No one putting a foot in Barcelona can get away from Catalan culture. No one can skip the “calçots -with their sauce, please-”, la “sardana”, the “Castells” and the many other things that differentiate Catalonia from the rest of Spain. Yet, no one that goes to Galicia could miss Galician, or miss a “Queimada”. No … Continue reading The Catalonian Referendum and the Struggle of Democracy